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About Valerie Billet



Self-taught artist, I live and work in Sète in the Quatre Ponts district, in a shared studio, which includes 3 artists.


The use of several media allows me to explore and translate my artistic approach in different forms.

My work is rooted in my childhood and inspired by my immediate environment. I am particularly sensitive to everything that touches the human being, to the discovery of the other and to the feeling of incommunicability. 


Beyond a purely aesthetic research (form, transparency), I wonder about the imprint, the trace, the interaction, the memory, the scar, the construction. More broadly, my work is guided by a questioning of the notions of identity and reality.


My approach as a visual artist is resolutely experimental and abstract.


As a sculptor, sensitive to the ecological problems of our time, I use diverted materials (plastic bottles, books, plastic bags, paper, gauze...) which offer me, by their characteristics, fields of expression.

My painting is figurative, colourful, sensitive, and light has an important place. I hope to show the ambiguous and illusory side of appearances.

Visit of the workshop by appointment

41 rue Pierre Semard,

34200 Sète 

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