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  • Accueil/Sculpture peinture /Valerie Billet / Sète

    Accueil: Image ARTELIER 41 Sète Focus on... The realization of a Monumental Sculpture Project in progress Les Blocs Click here Quand les bouteilles s'en mèlent Click here Various Click here La danse des Elfes Click here DNA Click here Engravings and drawings Click here The tramway Click here Mes derniers projets Click here Latest news Exposition de lancement Collectif MESDAMES April 18 to April 22, 2023 Espace Michel Goalard La Grande Motte April 18 to April 22, 2023 La Serre April 18 to April 22, 2023 "La vie en prose" RBC October 20 to November 3, 2022 "Les vitrines bleues 2022" La France Design week September 16 to October 1, 2022 "Small is beautiful" ART LAB CITY September 16 to October 30, 2022 "L'atelier" Exposition Capifrance June 16 to July 5, 2022 VALERIE BILLET Exhibitions 2023 - Exposition Agde Molière "Small is Beautiful" - Art Lab City - Exposition Galerie La Serre - Arbre Blanc Montpellier avec Clac - Exposition Château Vargoz à Sérignan avec Art Lab City "Itinéraire et sculptures" - Exposition Espace Michel Goalard Grand-Motte avec le Collectif Entrevue - Exposition de lancement du Collectif MESDAMES au Réservoir Arbre Blanc Montpellier -Participation au Fil Rouge de Midi Libre avec le Collectif MESDAMES ACCUEUIL EXPOSITIONS - Exposition RBC Montpellier avec la vie en Prose ​ - Participation France design week avec Les vitrines Indigo ​ - Exposition Hotel Jules Cesar avec ArtLabcity, festival de l'été indien, Arles ​ - Exposition personnelle Atelier Capifrance à Montpellier ​ - Salon ART3F La Roche sur Foron ​ - Salon ART3F Lyon ​ - Article dans La Revue de Monica ​ - Résidence ArtLabcity (réalisation d'une sculpture monumentale) ​ - Exposition collective Galerie Séraphine (Mende, Ste Enimie) ​ - Salon des artistes régionaux Juvignac ​ - Exposition collective Sète, Le petit lieu ​ 2022 2021 - Caves Notre Dame exhibition April 15 / May 31 2020 - Collective exhibition Art Montpellier "Toiles Solidaires" - Personal exhibition "Blocks and Bottles" area Décalage Montpellier - Contemporary Art Nature Salon Chateau de Restinclières (Artothèque) - Galerie Pascale Peyre Sète, February / March exhibition Blocks and Bottles - Espace la Bordigue, Filomer personal exhibition "Sète" 2019 - Collective exhibition "Portraits" Galerie Place Suisse des Arts Lausanne - Personal exhibition "Le Tram" Galerie Empreinte bis Montpellier Keller Williams - Collective exhibition Salle Petrarque Montpellier "PSE" - Collective exhibition at the Empreinte bis gallery Domaine Hermitage Montpellier - Clap'art exhibition day in the streets of Montpellier - Two-month group exhibition Galerie Empreinte bis Domaine de Perdiguier Beziers - Participation in Remp'Art St Pons de Mauchiens - Collective exhibition Espace Felix and Co Sète (Calamartothèque) -Group exhibition at Château de la Mogère (Artothèque) 2018 - Gigean painting and music collective exhibition "Couleurs du Sud" - Contemporary Art and Nature Fair Chateau de Restinclières (Artothèque) Public's favorite prize - Collective exhibition Filomer room Tabouriech Sète - Collective exhibition workshops Victor Hugo Sète (Calamartothèque) 2017 - Collective exhibition Clap'art Montpellier - Contemporary Art Nature Fair chateau de Restinclières Montpellier (artothèque) - Collective exhibition Espace Felix and Co Sète (Calamartothèque) - Collaboration with the series Tomorrow belongs to us (TF1), 3 ink / wash portraits 2016 - Domaine de Mazes Montpellier exhibition - 26th Salon des Artistes de Thau, first prize for painting 2015 - Personal exhibition "Sitting on a bench" room of the Macaronade Sète

  • Le Tram | Sculpture peinture valerie billet

    THE TRAMWAY Le Tram: Image Acrylic, posca, caparol on canvas As a Montpellier resident, I saw the beginnings of the Tram in 2000, and I was immediately won over by the aesthetic approach, the colorful bias. Moreover, I have always liked public transport, spaces of emptiness and random crossings. These "pseudo encounters" have always intrigued me. Sometimes eyes meet, what remains of these silent exchanges? What can we guess from what others show about themselves? Through this work, I question myself on presence, absence, memory, forgetting, on visual codes, incommunicability and on reality. These paintings are made from a large collection of photos that I took "instinctively" in the oars. The formal aspect of the painting allowed me to restore, translate and reinterpret these moments. The use of blurs, sometimes imprecise spots, "gaps", or transparencies helped me to translate these sensations of instant, speed, mixtures of shots.

  • Project in progress | Valerie Billet

    Project in progress... From small to large Large-scale sculpture "Fragments" is an installation designed to be installed in a park or a city centre. Because of its modular composition, it is designed to adapt to each site. It is a prelude to a larger-scale project. Damaged cubes emerge more or less from the ground, evoking ruins..... a buried world, perhaps extraordinary, is partially revealed. They can be transformed into urban furniture or a variety of play areas, according to the will of each individual. ​ Moreover, the blocks constitute an ecological plea..... cracked and plastic concrete, symbols and images of our civilizations, they are the remains of the future. Genesis of "Fragments Initially two projects were envisaged: an installation of several blocks or a single monumental sculpture. The Models Scenarios The realisation The installation

  • About | Valerie Billet

    About Valerie Billet My history Self-taught artist, I live and work in Sète in the Quatre Ponts district, in a shared studio, which includes 3 artists. ​ The use of several media allows me to explore and translate my artistic approach in different forms. My work is rooted in my childhood and inspired by my immediate environment. I am particularly sensitive to everything that touches the human being, to the discovery of the other and to the feeling of incommunicability. ​ Beyond a purely aesthetic research (form, transparency), I wonder about the imprint, the trace, the interaction, the memory, the scar, the construction. More broadly, my work is guided by a questioning of the notions of identity and reality. ​ My approach as a visual artist is resolutely experimental and abstract. ​ As a sculptor, sensitive to the ecological problems of our time, I use diverted materials (plastic bottles, books, plastic bags, paper, gauze...) which offer me, by their characteristics, fields of expression. My painting is figurative, colourful, sensitive, and light has an important place. I hope to show the ambiguous and illusory side of appearances. Visit of the workshop by appointment 41 rue Pierre Semard, 34200 Sète First Name Name Email Message Thank you for sending it! Send

  • Gravures dessins | Sculpture peinture valerie billet


  • Les Bouteilles | Sculpture peinture valerie billet

    BOTTLES Les Bouteilles: Image My work on bottles is abstract and playful. The starting point is a concern to use objects of everyday consumption, especially plastic, a material that is not very biodegradable. Having in heart to recycle them, I create sculptures from these wastes, in order to find them a second life and to sublimate them. Thanks to various deformations, I can work in a pure aesthetic concern on the form and the transparency.

  • Mes derniers projets | Valerie Billet

    Mes derniers projets Mise en lumière sur les dernières expositions. 2022-2023 Résidence ArtLab City Les résidences Art Lab City ont pour but de pousser et d’aider des sculpteurs à produire une sculpture monumentale. C’est mon cas pour 2022/2023, autour de mes sculptures béton « les Blocs ». Cette résidence a déjà donné lieu à deux expositions , Small is beautiful 1 et 2 , à l’hôtel Jules César (Arles) et à l’espace Molière (Agde). Ces expositions collectives ont eu pour but de montrer des petits formats, maquettes et projets de sculptures de plus grande envergure. Le projet "Playscape" 2022 Exposition pour les Vitrines Bleues avec CLAC Vitrines bleues, l’expo-parcours de design à Montpellier à l’occasion de la design week. L’objectif est d’offrir à portée de mains et de regards du grand public tout ce qui anime les designers occidentaux au 21ème siècle.Dans toute la métropole, 30 spots d’exposition ont été ouverts au public. Pour cette nouvelle édition, les organisateurs ont choisi d’inviter des membres de collectifs d’artistes comme CLAC. 2022 Expositions RBC avec la Vie en Prose RBC Montpellier et le Concept Store Collaboratif d'Art § de Design créés La Vie en Rose ! Une manifestation qui réunit 13 artistes et designers. Le concept store de RBC Montpellier réaffirme son souhait de valoriser l’artisanat, et les performances d’artistes innovants, dans un contexte au design affirmé. 2021 Exposition La Halle Tropisme Vernissage organisé à la Halle Tropisme (Montpellier), avec les artistes présentés par La vie en prose . La Halle Tropisme Play Video La Halle Tropisme Play Video Toutes les vidéos Watch Now La Halle Tropisme Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Share Channel Info Close

  • Paysages fantasmés de l'enfance | Sculpture peinture valerie billet

    FANTASY LANDSCAPES OF CHILDHOOD Paysages fantasmés de l'enfance: Image On voyage dans sa tête! We travel in his head! Acrylic and Posca on canvas I spent all my childhood in Sète, and I have been relocating there for ten years. I wanted to work in my hometown, confronting my sometimes confused memories with the present time. I worked on the emblematic places of the city (port, upper district, canals, Thau pond ......) with sometimes great freedom of representation. This allowed me to translate these different levels of superimposed interpretations and sensations. The use of sometimes strong and shifted colors, markers also allowed me to translate these shifts.

  • Les Blocs | Sculpture peinture valerie billet

    BLOCKS Les Blocs: Image The concrete blocks presented here are multiples of the figure of the cube, a basic element of construction and a figure of enclosure. They refer us to the urban and personal universe of construction. Through the method of moulding, with the insertion of different materials, I provoke a certain randomness, a true partner in my creative process. In a second phase, I reintervene on this randomness to arrive at the final piece. Through this moulding technique, I question the imprint, the trace, the interaction, the memory, the scar, the construction. The blocks, all identical in size, find their singularity and identity through the cracks and marks left by the mould. The inclusions of plastic, paper and other materials trapped in the concrete are an integral part of the sculpture and a source of different aesthetics. This work on concrete is a starting point for the creation of a monumental sculpture , in the context of a 2022-2023 residency in collaboration with Art Lab City .

  • Sculpture | Sculpture peinture valerie billet

    Sculpture: Extraits choisis Ancre 1

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