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Le Tram: Image

Acrylic, posca, caparol on canvas

As a Montpellier resident, I saw the beginnings of the Tram in 2000, and I was immediately won over by the aesthetic approach, the colorful bias.
Moreover, I have always liked public transport, spaces of emptiness and random crossings. These "pseudo encounters" have always intrigued me. Sometimes eyes meet, what remains of these silent exchanges? What can we guess from what others show about themselves?
Through this work, I question myself on presence, absence, memory, forgetting, on visual codes, incommunicability and on reality.
These paintings are made from a large collection of photos that I took "instinctively" in the oars. The formal aspect of the painting allowed me to restore, translate and reinterpret these moments. The use of blurs, sometimes imprecise spots, "gaps", or transparencies helped me to translate these sensations of instant, speed, mixtures of shots.

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