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Project in progress...

From small to large

Large-scale sculpture

"Fragments" is an installation designed to be installed in a park or a city centre. Because of its modular composition, it is designed to adapt to each site. It is a prelude to a larger-scale project. Damaged cubes emerge more or less from the ground, evoking ruins..... a buried world, perhaps extraordinary, is partially revealed. They can be transformed into urban furniture or a variety of play areas, according to the will of each individual.


Moreover, the blocks constitute an ecological plea..... cracked and plastic concrete, symbols and images of our civilizations, they are the remains of the future.

Genesis of "Fragments

Initially two projects were envisaged: an installation of several blocks or a single monumental sculpture.

The Models

Arles - crédit photo Gerald Kapski_edited.jpg
artlabcity agde 2 - crédit photo Gérald Kapski_edited_edited.jpg


The realisation

The installation

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