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Les Blocs: Image

The concrete blocks presented here are multiples of the figure of the cube, a basic element of construction and a figure of enclosure.
They refer us to the urban and personal universe of construction.
Through the method of moulding, with the insertion of different materials, I provoke a certain randomness, a true partner in my creative process. 
In a second phase, I reintervene on this randomness to arrive at the final piece.
Through this moulding technique, I question the imprint, the trace, the interaction, the memory, the scar, the construction.

The blocks, all identical in size, find their singularity and identity through the cracks and marks left by the mould.

The inclusions of plastic, paper and other materials trapped in the concrete are an integral part of the sculpture and a source of different aesthetics.

This work on concrete is a starting point for the creation of a monumental sculpture, in the context of a 2022-2023 residency in collaboration with Art Lab City.

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